COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal ㅤ Memory Project


by | Jun 12, 2023 | 0 comments

Our Mission: To expose Crimes Against Humanity being perpetrated in American hospitals and more specifically in hospitals across the state of Texas. To empower all eyewitnesses to these egregious acts of abuse, discrimination, and homicide to come forward and tell their story and find support. To organize as Texans to hold those responsible accountable and end the policies that made these abuses and crimes possible.

Vision Statement

  1. To raise awareness to the abuse, neglect, discrimination happening in hospitals and the refusal to administer safe and effective medications throughout the healthcare system.
  2. To halt the deadly and senseless covid hospital protocols.
  3. To hold accountable those who knowingly created, enforced, or implemented the Covid protocols and mandates that have already caused over 100,000 unnecessary deaths just in Texas alone. And millions across America.
  4. To change legislation that enabled the deadly covid hospital protocol to be implemented and restore patient rights.