COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal ㅤ Memory Project


Our Mission, Our Philosophy, and Our Spirit

Our Mission

Founded by the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, the mission of the CHBMP is threefold:
Never Forget Recognizing that the stories of many victims are being censored and suppressed, we seek to give a voice to those who have been victimized by harmful COVID protocols and mandates. We are archiving these stories to ensure that the stories of these people cannot be memory-holed and will not be allowed to be forgotten. We are raising awareness of these crimes against humanity with each case we archive, and encouraging any interested parties to cross-post, mirror, copy and repost, or otherwise share this content in whatever ways they are able, in order to spread the word about what happened to these victims and, in many places, what is still being done to COVID victims and their families today.

Provide Relief Recognizing that these victims and their families have been subjected to unspeakable trauma, we seek to provide a platform on which victims can build supportive relationships with others who have been victimized by disastrous COVID policies. With support groups every Monday and Thursday, we encourage victims to tell their stories, share resources, and help one another with the grieving process. We have had doctors come forward during these sessions and validate the stories of the victims, helping people understand that what they experienced was not an isolated event, and they are not alone.

Seek Accountability Recognizing that the guidance that laid the foundation for the policies that have impacted the victims is primarily responsible for the abuses they have endured, we seek to hold those who concocted, implemented, and defended those policies to account. From the politicization and subsequent deprivation of early treatment to the forced isolation of COVID victims from their families to threatening their lives and livelihoods with COVID mandates that sought to enroll every man, woman, and child on this planet in a draconian Digital ID scheme by way of forced participation in a dubious medical experiment, the totalitarian methods utilized by public health agencies and officials, hospital administrators and medical boards, and the propagandists and paid speech pundits who suppressed stories about vax injury while soliciting stories about the dead un-vaccinated, for example. Our sister mission, the Amnesty and Leniency project, seeks to solicit whistleblowers and get their accounts on the record, in pursuit of building a case against those at the top of the totalitarian public health totem pole.

Our Philosophy

We do not take ownership of these stories—these stories belong to the victims. We do not seek any kind of “exclusivity” regarding the data we are accumulating – quite the opposite, we are happy to share this information with any interested parties, and encourage them to share it again, and so on. We are simply providing a platform on which these stories can be told. We are also sharing that: we have set it up so that if your organization would like to use our Cases intake and display system to archive cases, you can do that, under your organization’s label and on your own domain, using our server resources. We ask only that you consider sharing the data you collect with the main CHBMP, as we endeavor to document ten thousand cases by the end of 2022.

Each case we document represents a family missing a loved one, or a survivor struggling to come to terms with what was done to them in the name of public health. Each case on its own represents a tragedy, a horror story that could hardly be believed during normal circumstances. Taken together, all of these cases represent incontrovertible evidence of systemic crimes against humanity.

If you think this evidence is compelling, please feel free to elevate it in whatever ways you see fit. Take our videos and make clips and share them under your brand. Copy the stories verbatim and share them everywhere, or contact us if you find a particular story compelling and would like to interview the victim yourself. Use our content to spread the word, without fear of DMCA or other bizarre retribution. After all, that’s what the victims want – they want the world to know what happened to them and to their loved ones. They want these stories to be shared. They want to prevent these atrocities from ever happening to anyone else again. We are unwaveringly committed to helping the victims of COVID-related crimes against humanity achieve that, by any legal means.

Fight With Us

We believe that the effort we are undertaking is so monumental, this is an all hands on deck moment if there ever was one. If you or your organization is fighting in pursuit of ending and facilitating a reckoning for these crimes against humanity, please, fight with us. This is not a time for petty infighting or bickering about who takes credit for what, or who documented a victim’s story first, or who got the “exclusive”. Please feel free to take credit for our work if it helps get the message out there, or, better still, take up a proactive role in our organization and fight alongside other like-minded people determined to end this madness. All are welcome here, and we could really use the help.

Our Spirit

Like the victims we have interviewed, our faith has been tested over the last few years. We have witnessed unspeakable horrors carried out by ostensibly well-intentioned professionals in the name of public health. We have watched our fundamental, once inalienable rights gutted before our eyes. We have seen calls for segregation based on medical status alongside demands that the unvaccinated be barred from civil society, while self-styled philosophers muse that after the unvaccinated are banned from grocery stores, obtaining essential goods like food is “their problem”. We have seen our elders locked away or wrapped in plastic just to have a hug. We have seen our dying depart this world via Facetime or Zoom, deprived even of holding their hand in their last moments on this earth. We were restricted even from attending their funeral, while the ruling class that issued these edicts we were forced to abide rubbed elbows unmasked at lavish parties or fancy restaurants most of us could scarcely afford, at our expense.

We have endured the nonsensical and often contradictory guidance of public health officials, adhered to in hospitals and institutions as strictly as the rule of law, if not, on occasion, even moreso. Many of us have followed the rules to our detriment. Many of us have complied with everything that was asked of us, and when we suffered as a result, were lambasted, slandered, and ridiculed—or even censored—just as the non-compliant had been, simply for talking about our lived experience. Many of us have had about enough of this indignity.

Our spirit may be wounded, but it is strong. We refuse to give up all that our elders and ancestors fought and died to preserve for us. We are in this fight for human dignity, and for the right of all people to expect to be treated with basic human dignity in the event they are hospitalized, regardless of the circumstance or declared emergency. We are fighting not just for the victims and families of victims who have already suffered horrendous hospital mistreatment, but for every person who walks into a hospital or assisted living facility. Many people don’t know they can admit themselves to the ER voluntarily one minute and be strapped to a bed and refused treatment while your loved ones are accused of plotting to kidnap you the next. This could happen to anyone, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone, ever.