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What can I expect from the CHBMP Project?

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FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

The most important thing to keep in mind it is a 501 (c)(3) organization and any donations would be greatly appreciated!  DONATE HERE TO HAVE FUNDS EARMARKED FOR MICHIGAN!

We have heard the question, phrased several ways, but generally, “What is Former Feds”? Or even better, “After the last (at least) three years do you want to be associated with anyone/anything with the word “Feds” in it?”  THE KEY WORD IS FORMER!

We are a grass roots, all volunteer organization, brought together in grief and anger, seeking justice and the recognition that between 2020 and at least 2023 the U.S. government has engaged in actively incentivizing hospitals to use a protocol treatment regimine that is deadly on it’s own. We expect trials with actual jail sentences, at the very least. More importantly, we seek to make the killing stop. These topics are addressed in some of our previous articles. For that reason our interviewers are documenting in great detail the barbaric treatment patients received in hospitals and those stories can be found in multiple ways as seen below.

First, the word “Former” is key to deciphering the beginnings. Former federal prosecutor Bradford Geyer left the government, after 21 years, because the work was not what it was when he started. The policies changed, the people changed, the expectations changed, all of it left a bad taste in his mouth and he had to exit, stage right. Together with other “former” federal lawyers and enforcement related people they formed Former Feds Group, concentrating on legal work in the white collar space.

In 2016 they began a charitable arm, spearheading charitable projects not just in the United States but overseas as well. It was on a trip to Vietnam in the spring of 2020 that Brad looked around the hospital he was in and realized that they were woefully unprepared for what they were dealing with, compared to a city like New York. He offered the doctor in charge, assistance in getting ventilators if he could source them. The doctor just looked bewildered, “Why would we need ventilators? This is an inflammation of the blood”. At that moment Brad realized nothing in the U.S. was what it seemed.

The censoring of information by social media and media in general made him focus on that as well as the pandemic, somewhere along the line he connected with Carolyn Blakeman, who was blogging about treatments, masking, doctors, nurses, anything related. Initially he contacted her for her assistance as he began a suit against Facebook about the censoring. They realized that someone needed to support the victims and their families to make sure that their stories didn’t just get lost in the news of the day, never to be told. Even though he is in New Jersey and she is in Texas their focus has created a growing organization, all volunteer staffed, that thinks of themselves as extended family. At that point the charitable website became consumed with assisting existing victims and families and attempting to get the warning out to the unsuspecting potential victims. And we, the widows, widowers, parents and children became the volunteers.

As we begin the role of advocating for patient autonomy and control of our own health care as well as justice for the victims of what we believe is a democide.

This is our mission statement.

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation  Creators of  Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project

FFFF is leading the charge to restore civil liberties and return the nation to sanity. Our goal is to see those responsible for what we have experienced over the last several years held to account. In pursuit of these efforts, we are documenting the cases of victims and recording the testimony of whistleblowers, offering support and creative outlet to victims, survivors and their families, facilitating legal referrals whenever possible, and raising awareness.

Our goal is to educate not just the U.S. populace but most of the western world, because our FDA/NIH/CDC recommendations are recognized globally. Covid is a survivable disease, that may cause a lot of problems for patients with comorbidities, BUT no one has died of Covid as much as they do from the treatments. You can see our other Substack publications for detailed information on the experiences and treatments.

When a patient or the patient’s surviving family members want to speak to someone who understands the different type of grief and PTSD that they deal with, that’s when our interviewers help them clear their minds and express their pain. We also support the vaxx injured, because they, too, have been victims of this diabolical agenda.

The first step is to go to the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project at www.chbmp.org. Once there if you want to see the prior stories you can look at documented cases and maybe view cases from your state that have been reported. Some states have multiple pages others may not have any. We are strictly a word of mouth organization so we only get contacted when someone realizes that maybe more happened in the hospital than can be explained by a virus. When you are ready, click “Document Your Story Now”. There is a brief form to fill out as well as a section where you can either submit your story in writing or one of our interviewers will do it after your interview. Once you submit your initial form you can choose a date/time on the calendar for your video interview. This will take generally about an hour, everybody is different but that’s the average. Once your interview is complete it can be several days to a week before processing is complete and it will be uploaded onto BitChute and Rumble, unless you expressly request that it not be.

On this page, upper right corner, please use the link called “Commonalities”. The interviewers realized they were all hearing the same comments from the victims. They began a project of figuring out every thing that was said or happened during a hospital stay that was exactly happening to 100’s other victims across the nation. There are 25 commonalities, do you recognize something there that happened to you or your loved one?

Your story is also your introduction to a potential attorney. Currently there are a few lawsuits across the nation, if they do well, these stories will be sent by Carolyn to attorneys that might decide to take on cases. Carolyn is focusing on trying to get attorneys in multiple states to come forward and take cases but because the PREP Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) has extended blanket immunity to protect all “countermeasures” used during Covid-19 it is difficult to find them. She has had to talk to them for 6-8 months before they will risk themselves on what appears to be an easy case. Cases are specific to the state where you were injured or your loved one died. Most attorneys urge that if you think you might have a case you should begin looking for an attorney on your own immediately because the laws in each state are different and you may have limitations that run out quickly. Do not be surprised if you find that no one will talk to you because you say “Covid”.

The main website is https://formerfeds.org/ where you will find a link to the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project there, as well as a place to sign up under our “Amnesty and Leniency Program”. We know that there are doctors and nurses that have seen things that they need to report but they don’t know where to go. This program incentivizes whistleblowers to tell their stories and assist the victims by giving corroborating evidence.

There is also a section related to the Grant Fraud we believe that has taken place and is in the process of having supporting documents and reports loaded there.

The section for The Humanity Restoration Panel is under construction. Check back again soon.

There is a link for donations at the top. Please consider a tax deductible donation. We don’t get paid but the costs of technology alone can be daunting.

The original website, https://formerfedsgroup.org/ , is still active, with most of the content being added on the “Blog” page. There are volunteers finding and adding information and articles regularly on that page.

On the upper left corner is a link for a medical alert bracelet. The proceeds from this bracelet are going towards a suit against Gilead, the makers of Remdesivir. We have had several reports of people entering the hospital for various reasons and the bracelet has caused the hospital intake to mark their charts for the allergies to Remdesivir, Baricitinib and Fentanyl.

There is a link for donations on this site as well.

On Rumble you can find the Former Feds Focus podcast, where Carolyn is making 30 minute or less informative, up to date videos that “Focus” on a topic for the week that can be best described on video, sometimes with a guest. That channel can be found at https://rumble.com/c/c-2919130.

Also on Rumble, is the channel that houses the video interviews of the injured or families of the victims that have passed. Carolyn repurposed her channel to get the videos on Rumble, because everyone is a volunteer! You can find it at https://rumble.com/user/americangranddaughter33.

On BitChute Carolyn donated her channel for victims interviews as well, if you prefer that platform you can use her channel here, https://www.bitchute.com/channel/b4bZJv2A1oht/ .

You can also find Former Feds Focus on CloutHub if that’s a site you prefer at https://clouthub.com/c/Q4IeIMX6 .

Former Feds teamed up with the Never Alone Project for a national rally in San Antonio, TX, near the Alamo on March 25, 2023. For that event there is a channel and a movement on Rumble under Halt Hospital Homicides and the videos from that event can be found here https://rumble.com/c/c-2647470 .

Please follow us on Twitter @CHBMPorg, @FormerFeds and @FedsFoundation.

We also have a private FaceBook page, “Covid: The Betrayal Project”.