Many who find the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project are shocked by the realization that they are not alone – that what they experienced was not an isolated incident, but part of a systemic effort to remove their rights and subject them to harm. Victims are able to show their friends and family the mountains of evidence they have discovered here, prompt them to watch a few interviews, and finally convince them that they are not crazy, after all. For many, this is a catalyst for healing.

Others do not have friends and family to convince, after losing their loved one to these crimes against humanity. These victims are especially vulnerable, and need not only to tell their story to others willing to listen, but also desperately need the support and encouragement of a community that believes them, and is working alongside them to pursue justice.

For all victims of COVID-related injustices, our support groups offer this sense of community. What started as a Monday meeting of a handful of victims has grown to support hundreds of victims and their families. To accommodate the influx of visitors to these groups, we have now added a smaller Thursday night support group, as well as a Wednesday evening men’s meeting.

We invite everyone to join these groups to avail themselves of information and support. Please email and indicate that you would like to be join, and you will be emailed an invite in advance of the meeting.