COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal ㅤ Memory Project

Steven Anthony Ordonia
Murdered by FDA Death Protocol

Day of death:

Location: Florida

Hospital: Acension Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: yes_fam

Asked to sign DNR: no

Asked if vaccinated: no

Informed of potential side effects: no

Asked to sign waiver: : idr

Informed of EUA status: : no

Given diagnosis: no

"The doctor whisper in my ear, 'the covid shot'"

Name of Victim: Steven Anthony Ordonia

Age: 62 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 12/05/2021

First sought medical attention: 01/02/2021

Admitted to hospital: 02/25/2022

Treatment received at hospital: Treated poorly

Experience in hospital:

Poor treatment, made me feel like I was "crazy", i.e.; "a not case"

Medications given: ativan

Date victim was placed on a ventilator:

Number of injections before adverse events developed: : 2doses

Symptoms: : Shortness of breath---Headaches---fever---chills--- joint pain---muscle tremors---uncontrollable limb movement--"shakes"---convulsions---Facial numbness ---slurred speech---extreme confusion---brain fog---Drop foot right leg---lower lumbar pain---neck pain---permanent double vision--ear pain---ear ringing, many more, every day something new

Date vaccinated: : 03/25/2021

With: : janssen

Batch #: : 1808978

Date vaccinated again: : 12/04/2021

With: : pfizer

Batch #: : 8762

Date vaccinated the third time: :

Date vaccinated the fourth time: :

Date vaccinated the fourth time: :

Pursuing legal action?: yes

Engaging in activism: yes

What types of activism: I, Steven A . Ordonia, am new to social media. However; I am slowly learning. I am doing all I can to bring this issue "out of the closet". I am a USAF veteran, I am a retired L.E. officer. Please, someone, look at my Face Book page, which is public. I am in need of help. I do not wish anyone to have to go thru what I am currently going thru , with no end in sight ! However, I am limited to what I can do. I have double vision and it is hard for me to concentrate. I am 110% all in on this cause. My prayer is that I am still alive when the law will change to where it is possible for victim such as I to bring a tort/civil case for adequate compensation.

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The Interview with Steven Anthony Ordonia

Yes, I want the world to know what victims like myself are having to endure because of this man made weapon of war . However, I must refrain from sounding like I am "nuts", therefore, I am embarking on this injustice slowly (at a pace where I feel people will take notice)

“The Pfizer Booster has altered my lifestyle , I fear it is slowly killing me”
Written by  Steven Anthony Ordonia



A.S. Corrections

-62 y.o.a.

-U.S.A.F. veteran 4 years active duty 2 years reserve

-Retired Police Officer (Lieutenant at time of retirement)

 Hobbies I have enjoyed in the past that I am no longer able to do:  Avid fisherman, 2nd Degree Black Belt taekwondo, running (was doing about 10 miles a week), Lifting weights. 

I reside in Pensacola, Florida a very conservative area, all Republican. I am a native Hawaiian/pacific islander (now a redneck) I worked all thru high school for a lumber company.  Then I went into the USAF in April 1980 (cold war era). My job, building nuclear warheads for the Minuteman III ICBM.  All my friends were security police, some got out and went into Law Enforcement, as did I in Pensacola Florida.  

In summary, I have always been very active; personality-wise, I was always a very very quiet and private person. March 2021 I received the J and J one shot.  No problems, not even a sore arm.

Dec 2021 I received the Pfizer Booster (J and J did not have a booster then)  The very next morning after receiving the Pfizer booster I was not feeling well: Major headaches, fever, chills, etc. I had to cancel a get-together with friends.  We discussed the shot etc., saying ill get better in a few days, “it’s just the shot, etc.”

Jan 02, 2022 – I went in for a Covid test as my health was not improving.  The test came back negative.   Between Jan 2022 and Feb 2022, my issues got worse.  It started with symmetrical joint pain and severe joint pain.  I went to my primary doctor who suspect Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I waited for my referral to the RA doctor.  Go thru the normal bloodwork etc, Doctor says no RA. I just deal with it, nothing stops me!  I continue with my regular routine, working thru the pain.  No other problems other than the joint pain

After about 7 weeks of the joint pain, IT ALL STOPS, and immediately I start getting muscle tremors.  Mainly thigh muscles, but at some point here and there it’s all my muscles tremored.  I notice my hands start shaking.  My toes will not stay still while relaxing. Tremors went on for I would say several weeks.  Then, ALL TREMORS IMMEDIATELY STOP.  Then I start having uncontrollable limb movement, flailing of the arms, legs, etc.  It gets so bad I was having convulsions, etc.

With the above major symptoms described, I was having bouts of difficulty breathing, headaches, confusion, facial paralysis, etc.

Between Jan 2022 and Feb 25, 2022, I went to the emergency room four (maybe three need to verify) times for the symptoms described above.  With each trip, I was basically told “nothing wrong, stress”.  Sir/Miss, I know what stress is and what it feels like, I once thought I was having a heart attack, turned out to be stress, anxiety whatever, the main thing is I now knew when it came again what it was and I immediately willed it under control.  I worked all night and got up with very little sleep to testify in court/grand juries/etc.   I shot at folks,  tussled with folks / saw things no one should ever see.  I put the youngest kid (12) in Florida State Prison.  My point is, all I did never, ever, bothered me.

Finally, on Feb 25, 2022, my daughter (an RN) pretty much made them admit me.  The uncontrollable movement was terrible.  I was in the hospital for 5 days.  The conclusion from all the doctors, and my neuro Dr/ STRESS!

I was sure they were wrong, they wanted to send me home, I did not want to go because the uncontrollable movements and tremors were so very exhausting, I wanted an answer and I could not accept theirs.  They release me and I try my best to say “it’s stress, etc”.  The symptoms immediately get worse an hour is released.  By this time I think I have a major mental illness and I call all my family together.  I tell them I am committing, and my daughter, asks “Why”.  I told them all “I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF”, I cannot control this and I cannot live with it.

Thank God my eldest sister has a Ph.D. in mental health.  They talked me into going to stay the night with my brother (no kids etc).  I stay the night and I told my mind to stop the tremors/flailing.  I don’t know how, but I did it, however; at the expense of my mental health.

My family got me on the same day as my primary/ gave me Zoloft and lorazepam.  Each day that went by was worse.  My mental health was going downhill, after a week I got in with a therapist who basically saved my life because I was going to off myself.  She told me it is the covid shot, she said she is treating another person, at the same timeline same symptoms, etc.  I halfway believed her.  Five weeks later I was with a psychiatrist.  In summary, he put me on meds (which I’m still on) to stabilize me.

To this very day, I have new and repeating symptoms, I have never had a day when all is “normal”  My latest thing is a double vision which will not go away.  The eye doctor says my eye muscles deteriorating, I have cataracts now as well.  My list of problems is too long to put on this narrative. My mind is permanently changed, my new personality/my physical health is terrible/my endurance is that of an 80-year-old, heck, most 80-year-olds are in better shape than me.  I cannot walk to my mailbox without stopping to rest.  My right leg cannot feel, it is more than 50% numb, and I cannot bring my toes back to walking normal (drop foot).

The doctors are seeing me, but they keep saying stress, etc.  I mentally “zone out”.  I cannot drive, etc. I am under a pain management doctor now.  My back has herniated discs that are now causing painful events.  My neck is the same way.  I have had every test under the sun, they say nothing wrong save my back/neck degeneration.  For 62 years I have never had a back problem.

In summary, within 10 months I have gone from a healthy 62-year-old to a crippled 62-year-old. Just this past week I have finally found a neuro that believes the Booster gave me a disease (forgot the name) currently doing testing. These symptoms have drastically altered my way of life, I cannot do anything physical that I love doing, chainsaw, heavy yard work, etc.  I loved fishing, can’t do it.  BALANCE is terrible, can’t see good enough to tie a hook.  I cannot drive, probably for good.  Basically, I am house ridden unless I feel good enough to find a ride to my property to do light stuff, etc.

The only two doctors I am seeing now: 

-pain management

-a dr that believes me, she is blackballed from the traditional medical community.  She believes the shot severely long term injured me.  She has me on ivermectin and vitamins and a plant-based diet.  I have only been with her for about a week, no changes yet.

It took me (myself) no help, to finally figure this all out, even my family at times thought it was all brought on by mental problems.  Now they are on board.  This sickness has brought my wife and me closer.  She also has gone thru this with me and I know the stress it has brought upon her. I did report this to VAERS, just three days ago By God’s grace, a FB friend sent me the link to Miss Cats’ support site.  Being a member of the group has really lifted my spirits.  I interact with some on the site.

Let me regress some, I have never done FB or any social media until the time I posted my first video on FB.  This was about I guess maybe a month past.  I got up one morning and I don’t know why I started talking to the camera.  Then I said to myself, I am tired of this crap, I am no longer ashamed, and I don’t care if folks think I’m a nut.  I had to get my 10-year-old grandson to show me how to do a FB account and post my video.  It was the best thing I did, it helped me find the group and all my LE friends reached out.

I have PTSD

I have severe GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)

Also, I have filed my Covid countermeasures claim (which is a pain) it’s very hard to do it.  It’s hard to navigate etc. and they only pay your deductible.  No compensation etc. 

There is a Vac Injury Program where you can basically negotiate a settlement but guess what, it covers every vac except COVID …

I am not good with computers/phones.  I do want to get on other platforms.  I will do anything to get this issue turned around.  I will not rest until I am successful in a tort claim against someone.

If one doctor had told me early on it was the Covid shot making me sick I am confident my mental status would have been much better (not know what cause this back then ) was the worst, I would not have wanted to off myself, all I could think of was all my close friend that killed themselves (cause of the job we did) and I was really ready to join them.

So sorry for the typos my eyes get worse with time while writing this

BOLO: more to come our way

P.S. I have medical documentation where all doctors believe it was the shot.  In a nutshell, the verbiage in my records leads a reasonable person to believe my illness was caused by the shot ( Suspected Covid exposure ) (” of significant importance is the fact that Mr. Ordonia got the booster three months prior to all symptoms), etc.

Thank you for reading this long narrative

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