Sandra Baker Sterling
Murdered by FDA Death Protocol
Murdered by FDA Death Protocol

Day of death: 01/03/2022

Location: Tennessee

Hospital: Olive Branch Methodist, Regional One Medical Center

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: yes-pressured

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

She was told she wanted to die since she did not want to take Remdesivir

The Dr said, "I guess you want to die then"

Name of Victim: Sandra Baker Sterling

Age: 50 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 10/02/2021

First sought medical attention: 10/06/2021

Admitted to hospital: 10/06/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

Her hands were tied down, she had a bipap mask and extreme forced oxygen , had no food or water for over 2 months.
due to her mask, she lost the ability to be easily understood when she did remove her mask for short moments. Her teeth were corrodid and brown, her tongue was unrecognizable. She was tortured with tubes in her lungs, cut into her sides.

Medications given: ativan, antibiotics, antifungal, anxiety meds, Oxygen, sedatives, Steroids

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 12/09/2021

Days on a ventilator: : 15 days

Date vaccinated: :

Date vaccinated again: :

Date vaccinated the third time: :

Date vaccinated the fourth time: :

Date vaccinated the fourth time: :

Person being interviewed: Tammy Baker

Relationship To Victim: Sister

Pursuing legal action?: no

Engaging in activism: yes

What types of activism: NOW, I am starting now.

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The Interview with Tammy Baker
My little sister died alone.
Written by  Tammy Baker (Sister)

I am copying and pasting a letter I sent to the hospital where my sister died.  See below:

This letter is to notify you of some very serious issues that were brought to my attention; some of which I witnessed firsthand, regarding your staff and the level of care at Regional One Medical Center.

My sister, SANDRA BAKER STERLING, was taken to your facility for “rehabilitation” after a six week stay at a nearby local hospital.  We believed she was taken to Regional One to stay for a brief time of rehabilitation, as she was considered “well enough” to transfer from a hospital environment to a rehab facility.

What we were not aware of, was that she had been picked as one of the Covid-19 fatalities.  And yes, I said picked.  We are most assuredly aware of how you purposely and intentionally killed her.  She begged for water, she begged to breath on her own, she begged for care, she begged to have someone who would listen to her.  No one would come into her room when we paged for a nurse or other hospital staff.  I was there for only 2 full days (at two separate times) and saw this firsthand.

She told me she was fearful of you, she expressed that she was not being cared for.  She TOLD me this.  I tried to talk to nurses, I even talked to her doctor directly.  (He was East Indian; I cannot recall his name or don’t know if he ever tried to even tell me).  His bedside manner was horrific.  I told him my concerns.  He dismissed me.  I was adamant that I knew of the Covid-19 protocols.  I have done my own in-depth research.  I knew that she had asked for Ivermectin at the previous hospital.  They refused to give it to her.  They asked her to take Remdesivir, what we all know has a 53% rate of causing death.  It is essentially a poison.  That has been widely discussed in many recent articles from the NHI and CDC, and many different media outlets from Europe and other countries.  Different from the very intentional misleading Mainstream Media, who has been detrimental in delivering a false narrative of what the whole Pandemic really was.  A culling.

You, who took a Hippocratic oath to do no harm.  Did exactly that.  HARM.  You picked people to kill.  To let die.  You singled them out and separated them from their families intentionally.  They laid in agony away from loved ones and eventually begin to give up the will to live.  No one was there to advocate for them.  No one could demand that they be fed, have water, have vitamins, be given life saving medication and treatment.

My sister laid there and told me the air that was being forced into her lungs was TOO strong.  IT HURT!  I would tell the nurses, when they would come in after sometimes TWO HOURS of us asking for assistance.  WE would wait for the specialist who was doing her “oxygen therapy” to come to talk to us.  They would show up maybe one time during our full day of visiting her.   Her mother and I tried desperately to get someone to give her the attention she asked for and should have gotten as a human being.

They kept doing things to make things worse for her.  Putting in THREE chest tubes. Keeping that forced air on her face all the time.  For weeks at a time.  She could not talk.  Which now we know makes it easier to “dehumanize” someone, keep them from talking.  You cannot understand things that they say with that forced air being blown at full capacity into their lungs.  Who knows if her lungs collapsed BECAUSE of what you did to her.  BECAUSE of the intentional onslaught of extreme pressure from the forced air.  Continuously.

I asked about vitamins, I have read and studied so much about the benefits of them.  But was told in a dismissive wave, “our nutritionist are giving the patient what is needed”.  I was treated as if I were beneath the all-knowing medical experts and what they knew to be what was “best practice”.  Practicing medicine.  THAT is the best way to describe what the medical profession was doing.  PRACTICING on how to handle people who were not vaccinated.  They were told by the government to prescribe harmful medication that could kill them.  Remdesivir.  Her doctor told her that “IF you don’t take it, I guess you want to die”.  WHO does that?  WHO says that?  Someone who knows that the government has offered extra incentives to let patients die with the COVID-19 cause of death. They get financial benefit.  $17,000 to be more precise, for each patient that is put on Remdesivir. (That amount varies from state to state)

On the matter of financial benefit, you may want to “re-read” your own website regarding “Stark Law”.  Seems to me there is a lot of financial gain in regard to what is happening when you intentionally make patients become sicker than they are, or keep them from getting lifesaving treatments (i.e.…ivermectin).

In most cases that I have researched, patients who undergo the protocols are unvaccinated, and their cause of death, though recorded as COVID, is multiple organ failure.  Due to the cocktail of drugs that have been administered and continue neglect and virtual techniques to wear out the patient’s body and organs to the point of exhaustion.  They just wear them down.

My sister was tied down.  She was treated like an animal.  She was treated with such inhumanity.  YOU did it intentionally and with extreme malice.  There was no need to do that.  Can you imagine doing that to YOUR own loved one?  It is barbaric.  We took her hands out to hold them, to show her we were there to love her, to do what we could.  We knew that when we left the nurse would put them back.  Talk about an emotional overwhelming situation.  I was inconsolable when I left her room at the end of visiting hours.  To watch someone you would die for, be treated like that was inexcusable.  I was terrified that me speaking up more or making a commotion would cause them to do even more harm to her, to neglect her further.

It was so evident and WE as her loved ones could do nothing, we would have been asked to leave.  We were told that, we could not ask things over and over and “cause a commotion”.  The floor nurse told us that they were doing all that they could and would not address any of the concerns that I have mentioned in the various statements above.

She was told that there would be a speech therapist that would come around and work with her.  THAT NEVER HAPPENED. EVER

She could not talk well at all after having that forced air in her face and lungs for many weeks.  IT was awful.  Her tongue was unrecognizable.  She begged for me to clean it, to help her.  I could not take her mask off or I would be asked to leave.  I could not do anything to help her for fear of being escorted out.  The nurses made that clear.  MY HEART broke for her.  I had to see my sister suffer and cry and I had to try to encourage her.  She would sit and point to the monitor and tell me that her numbers where good, they were high.  “WHY haven’t they taken off my mask” she would say.  “WHY won’t they listen to me” … “This is not working, the air is hurting me, it is TOO STRONG.”  They made her weaker, by creating a situation that caused her lungs to be unable to work on their own.  IT WAS INTENTIONAL.

That is why the speech therapist never came.  They were never going to come.  She was on the list to let die.  Her outcome was pre-determined.  We knew that the next step in the government chosen outcome, was to have her be put on a vent so that then she could for sure, at some point, die.

And she was, they called with “an emergency” situation.  I have read in most cases that is the way that this usually happens.  The hospital notifies a loved one that they must do it immediately.  So, in a state of “please save my loved one” they of course consent.  It is hard not to want to keep your loved one alive.

So, even with the knowledge that “THE VENT” will most likely be a death sentence, people choose to keep holding on to life.  We want them back.  But as we all know, from our own research, the odds are slim at best, that they will come off the vent.  The hospital once again scores more financial incentive to put the patient on the ventilator.  More COVID cash.

I am stunned at the complete lack of the “CODE OF ETHICS” that I read on your own website.  You completely ignore your own oath to do no harm.  You treated her like a number, not a human.

I was helpless to help her.  I must live with the fact that once she was in your “care” and that word is VERY loosely used here… I could do NOTHING.  We as outsiders have let the doctors and nurses take on some kind of godlike status and have given them complete control to do whatever they “deem best” for our loved ones.  We have lost all say in this country now, to help each other.  No one says anything. No one does anything, we turn our heads and hope for the best next time.

Well not me, not anymore.  I will tell whoever I can, whenever I am asked about what happened to my sister.  I will tell them that the hospital killed her.  She was singled out to die.  She was intentionally harmed and was a statistic to the financial gain in the pandemic that was created for helping to further “population control”.  Pick off the weak or ones that have an underlying health issue.  It is written in various government documents.  Only a few people read the many pages that are hidden in the hundreds of pages of bills that are brought up to be voted on.  We live in a very deceptive time in our country.  So many lies perpetrated on its own citizens.

In summary, my sister SANDRA BAKER STERLING, was scorned because of her unvaccinated status and was given a combination of sedatives, anxiety medications and medical procedures and techniques that weakened her. She was isolated, malnourished and ultimately put on a ventilator to die.  This was NOT a natural death.

I have pictures and videos that I took when I was there visiting. I am still debating on just what my next course of action is.  I will not be silent any longer as to why my sister was killed in a hospital setting.

My question is “How can you do this to people, to mothers, sisters, daughters, humans?” Her 9-year-old only saw her one time over the course of 3 months.  Sandy was kept from seeing her child, her daughter, for 3 months while you let her lay there and waste away.  She was denied love and affection from her child.  She was denied the opportunity to see her daughter grow up.  She was denied a life that was full of love for others and her family.  My sister was amazing.  She was joyful, she was a believer.  She is praising her Lord now in heaven.  She was taken too soon.

That is my only solace now, knowing that she is not in pain and agony from the horrendous protocol of death that she was put through.

Tammy Baker

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