COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal ㅤ Memory Project

Estelle Senopole

I Have Chosen You To Live!

Age: 64
Location: MN
First sought care: 07/26/2021
Admitted: 07/26/2021
To: Woodwinds, U of MN, Bethesda LTAC in …Woodwinds, U of MN, Bethesda LTAC in St Joe's bldg
John Russel Cole

They took away my “once in a lifetime love”

Age: 70
Location: NY
Became sick: 02/14/2021
First sought care: 02/15/2021
Admitted: 02/22/2021
To: Peconic Bay Northwell Peconic Bay Northwell
Murdered: 04/03/2021
Charlene MacCallum

Miracle of COVID survival – Char MacCallum

Age: 66
Location: KS
Became sick: 05/09/2021
First sought care: 05/10/2021
To: UM, Kindred and Meadowbrook Hospital UM, Kindred and Meadowbrook Hospital
Timothy D. Blankenship

Killed by Remdesivir/Ventilator

Retried from military
Age: 59
Location: WA
Became sick: 10/05/2021
Admitted: 10/19/2021
To: Swedish HospitalSwedish Hospital
Murdered: 11/28/2021
Steven Anthony Tomasi

Steve Tomasi – Murder by COVID Protocols

Age: 62
Location: NM
Became sick: 11/01/2021
First sought care: 11/02/2021
Admitted: 11/08/2021
To: Lovelace HospitalLovelace Hospital
Murdered: 11/18/2021
Erica Jo

Vision & hearing lost because of Moderna

Age: 39
Location: IA
Became sick: 06/01/2021
First sought care: 06/19/2021
Calvin Lester Jones

No help for this Kentucky man cause he was not “65”

Age: 62
Location: TN
Became sick: 08/29/2021
First sought care: 08/30/2021
Admitted: 09/06/2021
To: Tri Star Southern HillsTri Star Southern Hills
Murdered: 09/22/2021
Michael Weedman

My Dad

Age: 64
Location: TX
Became sick: 09/01/2021
First sought care: 09/06/2021
Admitted: 09/11/2021
To:  John Peter Smith Hospital and THR Ar… John Peter Smith Hospital and THR Arlington Memorial
Murdered: 09/27/2021
Ronald J. Wenzel

Helpless as a Hospital Slowly Murdered my Husband

Age: 65
Location: MO
Became sick: 10/20/2021
First sought care: 10/22/2021
Admitted: 10/22/2021
To: Mercy Hospital Jefferson County MOMercy Hospital Jefferson County MO
Murdered: 11/03/2021
Howard “Joe” Savage

Never the Same

Veteran and law enforcement
Age: 71
Location: OR
Became sick: 05/03/2021
First sought care: 05/20/2021
Admitted: 10/25/2023
To: My Hood, Legacy Emanuel and Portland …My Hood, Legacy Emanuel and Portland Adventist.
Susan Elaine Propes

Devious Desire

Age: 53
Location: SC
Became sick: 10/18/2021
First sought care: 10/22/2021
Admitted: 10/23/2021
To: EasleyEasley
Murdered: 04/15/2022
Vazgen Madatyan

Protocols Killed My Father, Not Covid

Age: 70
Location: CA
Became sick: 12/10/2020
First sought care: 12/08/2020
Admitted: 12/10/2020
To: Mission Community HospitalMission Community Hospital
Murdered: 01/11/2021
Cheryl Moran

Unbelievable but True

Age: 63
Location: NY
Became sick: 11/01/2021
First sought care: 12/10/2021
Admitted: 11/10/2021
To: Kenmore MercyKenmore Mercy
Michelle Bruno

Michelle Bruno’s Story

Age: 48
Location: IL
Became sick: 11/29/2021
First sought care: 12/06/2021
Admitted: 12/27/2021
To: Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hosp…Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital
Murdered: 02/28/2022
Leonard L. Brown, Jr.

Do I live in the United States of America or a communist country?

Age: 52
Location: TX
Became sick: 07/31/2021
First sought care: 08/01/2021
Admitted: 08/15/2021
To: Houston Methodist Hospital in Baytown…Houston Methodist Hospital in Baytown, Texas
Murdered: 09/02/2021
Christine Larsen Rehak

Christine Larsen Rehak

Age: 50
Location: MN
Became sick: 08/28/2020
First sought care: 10/06/2020
Lori McPherson

Lori McPherson

Age: 56
Location: ME
Became sick: 11/05/2021
First sought care: 11/06/2021
Admitted: 11/06/2021
To: Northern Light Health- AR Gould Northern Light Health- AR Gould
Diane K. Corby

Remdesivir Guinea Pig

Age: 73
Location: NY
Became sick: 04/02/2021
First sought care: 04/06/2021
Admitted: 04/09/2021
To: Strong Memorial HospitalStrong Memorial Hospital
Steve Fields

Steve’s Story

Retried from military
Age: 72
Location: FL
Became sick: 07/30/2021
First sought care: 08/03/2021
Admitted: 08/07/2021
To: NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Naples, FLNCH Baker Hospital Downtown Naples, FL
Murdered: 08/11/2021
Donavon Ray McCall

Death by Covid Protocols

Age: 48
Location: MT
Became sick: 10/16/2021
First sought care: 10/25/2021
Admitted: 10/25/2021
To: Holy Rosary HospitalHoly Rosary Hospital
Murdered: 11/25/2021
David B Cummings

My father David B Cummings was survivor of stage 1 lung cancer

Age: 76
Location: CT
Became sick: 06/10/2021
First sought care: 06/10/2021
Murdered: 06/16/2021
Josephine Hutchens

No Voice.

Age: 78
Location: CA
Became sick: 08/24/2021
Admitted: 09/01/2021
To: Saint Agnes Medical Center Saint Agnes Medical Center
Murdered: 10/02/2021
Clair W. Hoffman

Hospital Murdered my Husband

Age: 70
Location: PA
Became sick: 12/07/2021
First sought care: 12/07/2021
Admitted: 12/25/2021
To: Penn State Holy Spirit HospitalPenn State Holy Spirit Hospital
Murdered: 01/15/2022
Trista Deane' Martin

Justice For Trista

Age: 18
Location: OK
Became sick: 08/18/2022
Admitted: 11/09/2022
To: St. FrancisSt. Francis
Murdered: 11/09/2022
Gilbert Malaquias Sisneros

If you think hospitals are for you, your wrong. Concerning crimes against people that went to the hospital.

Retried from military
Age: 83
Location: CO
First sought care: 12/19/2021
Admitted: 12/22/2021
To: UC Health Memorial CentralUC Health Memorial Central
Murdered: 01/09/2022
Barbara Ann Roberts

They Took My Mom From Us

Age: 87
Location: CA
First sought care: 12/12/2020
Admitted: 12/12/2020
To: San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Bannin…San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Banning CA
Murdered: 12/27/2020
Michael Anthony Addlesberger

My dad was murdered

Age: 57
Location: PA
Became sick: 08/16/2021
Admitted: 08/22/2021
To: UPMC York UPMC MechanicsburgUPMC York UPMC Mechanicsburg
Murdered: 09/12/2021
Barbara Lowney

She Didn’t Die of COVID-19 Pneumonia, She was Murdered by the Hospital!

Age: 65
Location: WI
Became sick: 11/09/2021
First sought care: 11/16/2021
Admitted: 11/16/2021
To: Appleton Medical CenterAppleton Medical Center
Murdered: 12/14/2021
Linda Reeves

Linda’s Story

Age: 71
Location: MS
Became sick: 06/04/2020
First sought care: 06/04/2020
Admitted: 06/04/2020
To: South Central Regional Medical CenterSouth Central Regional Medical Center
Murdered: 06/10/2020
Doug Roatch

Doug’s Battle

Retried from military
Age: 43
Location: WI
Became sick: 08/20/2021
Admitted: 09/03/2021
To: Bellin Memorial Hospital, Green Bay, …Bellin Memorial Hospital, Green Bay, WI
Murdered: 10/10/2021
Adam Farber

COVID-19 Survivor

Age: 54
Location: GA
Became sick: 11/03/2021
First sought care: 11/07/2021
Admitted: 11/14/2021
To: UnknownUnknown
Jillian M. Friedman

Hospital in Cleveland Ohio was Giving COVID-19 Protocols and Killing Them All !!!

Age: 30
Location: OH
Became sick: 08/03/2021
First sought care: 08/03/2021
Admitted: 08/28/2022
To: The Cleveland Clinic Main Campus -Cle…The Cleveland Clinic Main Campus -Cleveland Ohio
Misty Batten

Wacko things done to patients

Age: 49
Location: NC
Became sick: 04/21/2021
First sought care: 04/21/2021
Admitted: 04/21/2021
To: Wake Med Center, Cary, NCWake Med Center, Cary, NC
Walter Bill Joe Vandever

Daddy’s Unexpected Death 8 Days After Mom

Age: 79
Location: TX
Became sick: 08/07/2021
First sought care: 08/07/2021
Admitted: 08/17/2021
To: Texoma Medical CenterTexoma Medical Center
Murdered: 08/29/2021
Suzanne Moore

Suzanne Gone Too Soon.

Active-duty police
Age: 47
Location: NM
Became sick: 08/22/2021
Admitted: 08/26/2021
To: Mercy Medical Center Durango, COMercy Medical Center Durango, CO
Murdered: 09/27/2021
Darryl A. Lovelace

His Family was His World, and He was Ours.

Retried from military
Age: 56
Location: KS
Became sick: 12/25/2021
First sought care: 01/03/2022
Admitted: 01/03/2022
To: UKH St. Francis Medical Center, 1700 …UKH St. Francis Medical Center, 1700 SW 7th St.
Murdered: 01/08/2022
Jim Rhodes

Death By Remdesivir – My Dad Deserved Better

Retried from military
Age: 78
Location: TN
Became sick: 12/26/2020
First sought care: 12/29/2020
Admitted: 12/29/2020
To: Southern HillsSouthern Hills
Murdered: 02/04/2021
Constance Collins

Hospital holocaust survivor

Age: 64
Location: NY
Became sick: 09/19/2022
First sought care: 10/01/2022
Admitted: 10/01/2022
To: Admitted after 36 hrs in ERAdmitted after 36 hrs in ER
Ruthford Fredrick Penrod

Altoona hospital killed my Dad

Retried from military
Age: 74
Location: PA
Became sick: 12/29/2021
First sought care: 12/31/2021
Admitted: 01/07/2022
To: UPMC Altoona UPMC Altoona
Murdered: 01/12/2022
Carolina Bourque

Long Road after Moderna. Changed my life forever…

Age: 42
Location: LA
Became sick: 03/17/2021
First sought care: 03/19/2021
Jacob Bertman


Age: 61
Location: FL
Became sick: 06/19/2020
First sought care: 06/21/2020
Admitted: 06/23/2020
To: Delray Medical Center Delray Medical Center
Murdered: 07/29/2020
Michael Kreher

Michael Kreher Story

Retried from military
Age: 55
Location: SC
Became sick: 02/03/2021
First sought care: 02/05/2021
Admitted: 02/07/2021
To: Tuomey Hospital Sumter SC Tuomey Hospital Sumter SC
Murdered: 02/10/2021
Cy L Nunez

Wrongful Death

Retried from military
Age: 56
Location: CA
Became sick: 08/18/2021
First sought care: 08/25/2021
Admitted: 08/25/2021
To: UndisclosedUndisclosed
Murdered: 09/18/2021
Phillip Tanner

Phillip Tanner Story

Age: 56
Location: OK
Became sick: 12/02/2020
First sought care: 12/16/2020
Admitted: 12/16/2020
To: Duncan RegionalDuncan Regional
Murdered: 12/28/2020
Jerry L. Mclean

Lost Love

Age: 63
Location: ME
Became sick: 11/04/2020
First sought care: 11/12/2020
Admitted: 11/12/2020
To: Northern Light Health; Bangnor; Portl…Northern Light Health; Bangnor; Portland
Murdered: 11/21/2020
Paul Cuzzolino

Paul Cuzzolino’s Story

Veteran and law enforcement
Age: 63
Location: PA
Became sick: 11/19/2021
First sought care: 11/28/2021
Admitted: 11/28/2021
To: Wellspan York Memorial HospitalWellspan York Memorial Hospital
Samantha CB

Me and My Friend Nearly Died

Age: 28
Location: TN
Became sick: 09/21/2021
First sought care: 09/25/2021
Admitted: 09/25/2021
To: TennovaTennova
Oscar Daniel Moreno

Oscar Daniel Moreno’s Story

Age: 47
Location: CA
Became sick: 08/30/2021
First sought care: 09/03/2021
Admitted: 09/03/2021
To: Desert Valley Hospital Desert Valley Hospital
Murdered: 10/09/2021