Budesonide Works

Doctor or Group Responsible: Dr Richard Bartlett

Ailment(s) this protocol is intended to treat: COVID-19, Long COVID

Link To Protocol: https://budesonideworks.com/
Archive Link To Protocol: https://archive.ph/5MKut

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  1. If you have Covid symptoms or test positive, visit the Got Covid? page.
  2. If you have lingering effects from Covid or the Shots, visit our Toolkit or Long Haul Support page, or take our health needs survey so we may best serve you.
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  7. If you are a doctor who wants proof of the protocol, read the studies and articles on the Validation page and read or watch the doctor and patient testimonials on the Stories page.
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This is one of many protocols that are reccommended by medical professionals to treat various ailments. These protocols have been made available in order to inform and educate, and are not intended to substitute for medical advice. There are still decent doctors out there. You can find a list of some of our favorites here.