We loved our honeymoon in North Carolina so much we decided to take the whole family back there. The kids LOVED playing in the dirt gem mining, seeing Historic Boone and Blowing Rock. This was Collin’s first trip besides going to Disney in Florida. It was a blast.

We went to Vegas for a truck show out there. We decided to just get elope in Vegas. I looked around for chapel and found chapel of the bells and come June 11,2011 at 6pm we became one. That was the happiest day of my life.

Scott Keith. My soul mate for 42 years. I was blessed to call him my own. So many awesome memories of the most amazing husband, father, brother and friend.

We were living our best lives. Part of me died on 9/23/21. I lost my soul mate and best friend. I feel like I will always be broken. I miss him terribly. He was the love of my life.